Recent developments

Next council meeting . . . Wednesday, 4th October, 7.00pm

The Parish Council has provided two sets of allotments, at Vicarage Lane (WN6 8HP) and at Forest Fold (WN6 8JG).

Shevington Gardening Club For more information . . . click here.

Shevington Community Pantry For more information, . . click here.

See our . . . Community Award winners 2022.

Shevington Parish Council bowling green will open for play
on April 1st. To download an application form, . . . click here.

What's on in Shevington - see our . . . community calendar.

Short term wheelchair loan in Shevington.

Shevington Youth Club is now open. See our Facebook page. To hire our building, . . . click here.

Ring and Ride For more information, . . . click here.

Digital Shevington For more information, . . . click here.

Shevington Recreation Ground For more information, . . . click here.

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