Vicarage Lane Allotments

The Parish Council owns land at Vicarage Lane; the land is leased to the Vicarage Lane Allotment Society.

1. Anyone wanting to apply to go onto the waiting list for the allotments can apply . . . via this email address.

2. There are three sizes of allotments: nos 1-50 are 125sq metres, 51-56 are 13.5sq metres, and there are 12 raised bed allotments.

3. Facilities - the allotments are on a gated and fenced plot of land that has footpath and public footpath around its perimeter. The allotments are serviced by metered water that is turned off during the winter months. There is a gravel road running through the allotments which facilitates vehicular access for allotment holders and service vehicles. Currently there are no toilet facilities available. A skip is provided once a year for rubbish.

4. The allotments have an elected committee which maintains oversight and provides leadership and governs the tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement is in line with the Allotment Act 1908 in its principles. Applications for a plot will be considered from outside the Parish; however priority would be given to people who live within the Parish.

5. Annual plot prices are in line with other councils as a medium and are as follows:- large plot, £50;     smaller plot £30;     raised beds £12.
Additional costs are £30 for a deposit which can be recovered if the plot is handed back in good condition; there is also an administration fee of £10. The keeping of 6 chickens costs an additional £12.50 per year. Our fiscal year runs April to March.

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