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What the Parish Council does.

The Parish Council is given an annual budget from Wigan Borough. From this precept (about 45p per week for a Band D property) it is committed to:

  • Maintain the Memorial garden and playground, replacing deteriorated or broken equipment. Ensure that the grass in the Memorial Park is regularly cut, that the children's playground is cleaned and regularly checked for the safety of the play equipment.

  • Maintain the Parish Council car park opposite the Plough and Harrow.

  • Administer and maintain the allotments and Bowling Green at Whitehall in conjunction with the Horticultural Society and various Bowling Clubs.

  • Administer and lease out the land on Vicarage Lane for allotments and for the use of the Football and Rugby Clubs.

  • Help make the streets and open spaces of the parish brighter and safer by planting out tubs with flowering plants.

  • Provide 25 litter bins which take doggie and general waste, and which are situated in locations where Wigan Council do not go.

  • Maintain planters across the parish (45 at present) which contribute to the glorious floral displays organised by Shevington and District in Bloom.

  • The Parish Council organises the annual Remembrance Day commemoration in the Memorial Park. It also maintains the War Memorial and has sponsored research into the lives of the men whose names are recorded there.

    Parish Councillors are represented on committees such as the Youth Club, Community Association, Patient Participation Group and the Recreation Ground Trustees.

    In conjunction with Wigan MBC and the Groundwork Trust the Parish Council is committed to a continuous programme of repair and maintenance of the fourteen miles of footpath in the parish. In 1995, as part of its centenary celebrations the council published a pamphlet, Shevington Parish Paths. These are available in the local library, and . . . on this website.

    Wigan Borough councillors who represent Shevington:

    Cllr Janet Brown
    Cllr Paul Collins
    Cllr Mike Crosby

    Their contact details can be found . . . here.

    The councillors meet regularly with the Parish Council to discuss matters of mutual interest. For example: the Community Safety Forum, a Wigan Borough initiative,now meets regularly to discuss ways of making Shevington more secure by looking at inexpensive, and practical ways of improving community safety. For instance, the provision of a new street light can be more effective in making a stretch of pavement safe than an expensive CCTV installation.

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