Forest Fold Allotments 1

The Allotment Site at Forest Fold will soon be celebrating its 40 year anniversary. Shevington Parish Council consider the Forest Fold Allotments an important asset to the Community and the environment.

The Allotments enable Tenants to produce an abundance of nutritious and low cost food, whilst enjoying recreational activities, healthy exercise and social contacts. There is also the fun and challenges of growing a variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

The PC is assisted in the management of the site by the Forest Fold Tenants’ Association (FFTA) Committee which was formed in 2020. The Committee comprises 6 tenants who are elected yearly, and 1 member who is co-opted onto the Committee. The Committee meets monthly and holds an Annual General Meeting.

A representative from the Committee is also invited to attend Parish Council meetings in order to report on items relating to the Allotment site.  . . . next

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