Unify Credit Union . . .

†††††††††††††††††† . . . is looking for some help.

Unify Credit Union - http://www.unifycu.org/ -has had a collection point in Shevington for the last three years. Pairs of volunteers are available every Saturday morning from 10.30 Ė 11.30am in Shevington Library, Gathurst Lane, Shevington, Wigan, WN6 8HA.

Whatís a credit union? Itís a savings bank owned by its members, not by shareholders. You can pay money into it as savings, or take money out as a loan. Savers or borrowers are all members. Borrowers pay 1-2% a month on loans (on the reducing balance); savers get around 1% interest per year on their savings. It is probably most useful for loans of between £100 and £5,000.

Whatís the work? Volunteers have to collect payments from members, record them and pay them into a Post Office. Itís relatively simple.

The rota for volunteers is two‑weeks‑on‑four‑weeks‑off. Volunteers who cannot manage a particular week arrange swaps with other volunteers.

What help is needed? We need one or two more pairs of volunteers to maintain the rota, so that duties do not come round too often. The more volunteers we have the less frequent will be the duties. Volunteers would need to be trained, probably at Shevington Library.

If you can help, get in touch with John Whiteley, 01257 423342, 07513 558722, or e-mail shevyc@blueyonder.co.uk.


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